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Palmer Alumni Advantage

Juice Plus+®

Enjoy the benefits of whole food based nutrition

Good nutrition takes time and planning. Clinically proven Juice Plus+® helps you bridge the gap between the 7 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables recommended by The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the nutrition you actually get with your busy schedule. Visit www.drmikeburakjuiceplus.com to learn more.

We are also pleased to bring you PRN Omega 3 fish oils.

PRN's high quality Omega 3 fish oil supplements are customised to deliver targeted benifits. Our formulations may sharpen mental function, increase flexability, and protect against cardiovascular disease.To learn more about this amaizing supplement, visit  Physician Recommended Nutriceuticals at http://www.lifeguardforlife.com/ or, talk to the Dr and then take some home. 

Net Remedies 

For healing and well being we are proud to carry Net Remedies.  

In developing the Neuro Emotional Technique® (NET), Dr. Scott Walker found that sometimes the body was too toxic to deal with the physiological release of poisons as it healed. It was almost as if the natural flow of life energy somehow got "clogged" or that the body had "forgotten" to get on with the healing process.

Dr. Walker found that homeopathy could "wake up" and remind the depleted, toxic and fatigued body of the job it had at hand. In his testing, Dr. Walker selected from all available homeopathic ingredients, those which had good clinical responses to NET's mind-body procedures. He also eliminated any remedies which were contra-indicated to be used with each other, and clinically verified the best of them to cover those secondary conditions which are typically associated with our "primary" conditions.

To this end, after years of research, Dr. Walker developed the NET Remedies® to support the healing of the body.

Because NET Remedies® formulas are non-habit forming and free of sugar, sodium and yeast, they are safe for the most sensitive patient. By using our specific dilution and potentization process, only minute quantities of ingredients are needed to activate the body's defenses to help naturally heal, repair, strengthen, and prevent illness.

NET Remedies® Formulas:

#1 Earth - Spleen and Stomach Meridians
#2 Metal - Lung and Large Intestine Meridians
#3 Water - Kidney and Bladder Meridians
#4 Wood - Liver and Gall Bladder Meridians
#5 Fire - All Fire Meridians
#6 Para Solve - Gastrointestinal symptoms
#7 Flora Plus - Bowel and Yeast symptoms
#8 Allergy - Allergic Symptoms
#9 ER 911® - Emotional or Physical Trauma & Stress
#10 Scars - Adhesions-Spasm Pressure and Tightness
#11 Visceral Polarity - Nervous and Digestive Systems
#12 Flu Immune - Relief of flu-related symptoms
#20 Pain Relief - Relief of general pain
Pain Relief 24/7 Homeopathic Cream - Relief of general pain
SCARS-ADHESION 24/7 Homeopathic Cream - Relief of general pain

Please let us help you stay healthy. Also, visit our Wellness lifestyles products page to see what we carry in other wellness products.